People spend the biggest part of their life in a close, artificially made environment, which is surrounded not only with walls, ceiling and floor, but various other things as well. In order people would feel comfortable at home, it is necessary to know what are the principles of the creation of these kind of spaces. Such elements as the size and proportion of the space, its planning, character, connections between various spaces, emphasis, colors and other things become very important in the process of the creation of interior.


We as professional designers create interior from the very beginning to the end. The stages are:

  1. Creation of the concept
  2. Detailed drawings of walls and all the spaces
  3. Detailed drawings of water equipment and there places inside
  4. Detailed plans of electricity
  5. Detailed plans of floor coverings
  6. Selection of wall papers and painting colors
  7. The selection of other necessary constructional materials
  8. Detailed plans of the bathroom
  9. The selection of all water equipment
  10. The selection of furniture
  11. The selection of doors
  12. The selection of light equipment
  13. The selection of the accents of the interior – mirrors, paintings, curtains, etc.
  14. The visualization of internal spaces in three dimensions


We take care of the total project, explain the constructors all the detailed plans, solve all the problems that occur in the process of constructions. We can help you to make the plan of the new house or apartments you are going to buy, cooperate with architects while making correction and changes in the primary plans of the space. Having a detailed plan helps to escape from a lot of problems and misunderstandings during the process of constructions.